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Summer is coming, also the desire for pools

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Summer is coming, also the desire for pools

The most strange summer in many many years is caming, hot weather mixed with Covid restrictions for beaches and public pools, so … Why not to build your own pool at home?

Once you take the decision of building the pool in the terrace or garden, we must follow some aspects in order to choose the floor and special pieces. Your pool will be a very special place at home and is so important to choose the best materials.

Extruded porcelain, the Very Best option.

Whenthe pool is projecting, is very important the floor, but also the border around the pool. It will depend on the filter system we use, overflow or skimmer. Copying tiles for pool borders give us a special decorative value, as well as safety and hygiene in our swimming pool. It must be antislip, waterproof and resistant in order to avoid problems.

Extruded porcelain tiles offer all the features thanks to the best raw materials as well as to the manufacturing process. Antislip materials, always resistant to weather changes, antibacterial and maintenance free.

Swimming pool border, safe and hygienic

In case we choose the skimmer option, the copying tile is the best border option. Aesthetic, safe and hygienic. The bullnose in the border tile goes up in order to avoid the entrance of dust and other elements to the water. In this way, helps a lot to keep clean the pool.

In skimmer system pools, water level is nearly 20 cm down the level of the border. In the walls we find the skimmers “mouths” that receive water and guide it to the filters.

Special pieces for a perfect finish

Natucer offers a wide variety of special pieces to solve technical needs in the design of the pools. All our special pieces are guaranteed to be used in wet areas. Special pieces for outdoor use ( beach, swimming pool, terraces,… ) and indoor.

All our extruded porcelain tiles offer great aesthetic features. Swimming pools are more and more integrated around. There are no limits regarding design possibilities. NATURPOOL offers the performance of your project with same collection inside the pool and the beach around to get the perfect aesthetic armony.

NATUCER offers a lot of sizes, colours, textures, .. to get your own style. We offer you the feeling of cotto, stone, wood, but we always keep the features of the extruded porcelain.

These pieces are perfect to give the rustic style to your terrace or pool , irregular borders and detonified colours. The perfect combination for modern architecture in our exterior areas.

Natural charm that combine with every style, getting the best aesthetic armony with all the different sizes. Elegance, design at cutting edge of artistic creativity in your swimming pool.

To be in touch with nature, the wood look is the best. The wood look has the special warmth and the features of extruded porcelain tiles have that feel.