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So great to have a swimming-pool at home!

Memory Sandy
Memory Sandy

So great to have a swimming-pool at home!

Summer is comming, and so is nice weather, and we apreaciatte even more enjoying nice moments at our home outdoor areas. If aditionaly, we can enjoy a nice bath in our own pool, it is great.

A swimming-pool at home are just advantages. It is an space for disconnecting, enhances the family relationships and it is great for children.
It is a private space free from crowds the ideal spot to practice sports while we fight against heat, and will increase your home value exponentially.
It doesn’t matter the space available, big or small, but it matters to have a good design to optimize your bath area.

Not slips not infections

However, once we decide to install a swimming-pool in our terrace or garden, or renovating the one we already have, we must take into account several factors to ensure safety and higiene are present in every corner. We do not need to skip design to create safe spaces.

Slips when coming in and out from the swimming-pool should not ruin the summer great moments. Therefore, when designing a swimming-pool, it is important to choose floorings that comply with some essential features:
They must be anti-slip, resistant against abrasion and against sudden temperature changes, easy to clean, resiliant, sustainable and anti-bacteria.

Of course, all Natucer collections for Naturpool comply with these requirements.

Overflow swimming-pools are the stars on this summer

Overflow swimming-pools are those where water surface flows over the copying edge, creating a stunning visual effect recreating a lagoon.

These swimming-pools provide a great wellness feeling. As the water flows on a continues and soft way, it absorves the noise from water crashing against the walls, inviting silence and relaxation.


In order to get the overflow effect, one filter channel should be installed in all the perimeter of the pool, where water will be constantly flowing. This channel will be covered with our ceramic tile grill.


With this system it is possible to keep water always clean, transparent and free from stains since it is always renovating, thanks to its drain system on the beach surface, through a grill with special features.
This is the most hygiencic and safest system that exists. That’s why we can find it in hotels, sport faciliteis, spas, and other public spaces.

* In overflow system pools, the draining ability is very important, since water will slide into the channel, but never will flood it.

They are also very comfortable, since they allow users to seat directly on the edge and feel the fresh water with absolute safety. We shall also bear in mind that all the special pieces Natucer offers have an special finish that avoids the typical roughness from anti-slip class III products, achieving a fine surface with soft touch.