Technical pool solutions in ceramics – The best special pieces for swimming pools

Technical pool solutions in ceramics – The best special pieces for swimming pools

Welcome back to Natucer‘s blog. We hope you like these articles included in our magazine. We have already introduced topics like porcelain mud floors for swimming pools and how to choose the color for the interior of the pool, so today we propose more information that can help you to choose the most appropriated special pieces to make your pool project come true. Here we go!

An introduction to all the varieties introduced by Natucer:

Natucer proposes a wide range of special pieces to help with any technical requirement or need, especially when architects and interiors specialists require high quality products. The list of special pieces is huge, it also covers more than the pool, so you can find steps, skirtings, trims for terraces and all types of applications like interiors with spa, gardens, etc.

Natucer is concerned to offer a series of special pieces for pools and bathing areas that stand out for a peculiar design. These finishes are perfect and the solutions proposed are based primarily on complying with the safety standard. For the same reason it opts for non-slip surfaces that guarantee the transit and the ability to go barefoot with the maximum confidence.

In this way, we will start by giving you a couple of ideas, so we help you before choosing your special pieces in order to inform about the type of products we have available that can complement what you are looking for:

Suelo antideslizante para piscina Tech-Land de Natucer
Non-slip floor for pool and other applications. Tech-Land by Natucer

Ceramic solutions (STEP 120)

Our first proposal is to offer a collection called Step 120, large-format steps full of beauty with high technical performance. This product offers a constructive solution that adapts to the needs of the current market, avoiding cuts and joints. Here you will find resistant surfaces of anti-slip (R11) that are characterized by different decorations. This product adds 4 special pieces: curved steps, angular step, plinth, and skirting boards. Of course, they are non-slip parts characterized by the quality that distinguishes Natucer‘s extruded porcelain tiles.

Corner detail – step 120

Wall tile proposals for the interior of the pool (Squama & 10×10 cm : 4″x4″)

One of the most fashionable products of our company is Squama series, which can be found in white body or extruded porcelain tile. The second option can be perfect for your pool interior.

Another option is our distonified 10×10 pool tiles (in cm) or 4″x4″ (in inches). Its main feature lies in the wide range of colors offered, being a safe and innovative bet, according to the newest trends in swimming pool design.

Non-slip floor tile proposal for pool (Tech-Land)

We remind that our brand always guarantees every user’s comfort and safety. As pavements we have a great list with which you can combine different environments, however, this time we remind a product that was a novelty one year ago because of the fact of being passable, non-slip, easy maintenance, resistant to chemicals, waterproof, moisture and UV rays. This Tech-Land series is presented in 3 colors: Fire, Natural and Basalt. It has a handmade look and irregular edges and varied finishes (industrial designs, oil enamel, special figures, etc.)

Tech-Land is a floor tile product that doesn’t require any maintenance.


It is time to present our special pieces, which you will be able to see in more detail by visiting our website, we want to highlight the significance and function of each one of them. Of course, we highlight especially those related to pools, although it is true that you will find more options.

Special pieces for pools

A picture taken from our general catalogue, page 27.
  • Porcelain pool edge: They are widely used for technical and aesthetic reasons, offering safety and comfort at the same time. Our edge prevents slipping or possible falls.
Porcelain pool edge : “Rioja Laguardia”

  • Bullnose porcelain step: With rounded front for a smooth and elegant aesthetic.

  • Angular porcelain step: Its placement for outdoor is perfect to create a natural environment.

  • Porcelain inner pool edge: Seeks a greater roundness to avoid hurting the swimmers.

  • Porcelain external pool edge: It is also characterized by being non-slip and waterproof.

  • Porcelain rain gutter: It filters the water and prevents the pool contour from being swamped.

  • Porcelain grid: Completely non-slip and unalterable to chemical and atmospheric agents.

  • Porcelain grating:
  • Porcelain overflowing:
  • Porcelain skirting board: There are numerous collections to cover the stretch or lower part of a wall.

  • Porcelain outside corner quater round:

  • Porcelain external corner inner quarter round:

  • Porcelain inside corner quarter round:

  • Porcelain interior corner inner quarter round:

  • Porcelain quarter round: Uniform finish for your pool and other stays.

  • Porcelain external corner cove base:

  • Porcelain inside corner cove base:

  • Porcelain inner quarter round:

  • Porcelain cove base:

The whole special pieces list by Natucer

We hope you liked this article and we also expect that it has given you an idea of how we work as a company in order to help you in design and architecture ideas. Don’t forget that as a brand we always care about safety through non-slip finishes that avoid falls without losing their design essence. In our company we always work to define our own product-to-product style, listening to your opinions and tastes.

See you next time!

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