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Porcelain mud floors for swimming pools and design tips

Tech Land Natural
Tech Land Natural

Porcelain mud floors for swimming pools and design tips


We hope you like the articles we do in the Natucer blog. Today we bring you more than just product information, something like a list of tips for those of you who are thinking about building a swimming pool and choosing the right material to make it a reality. Let’s get started!

Tech Land (planet natural 22,5 x 22,5)

First steps to design your pool:

First and foremost, it is important to have a clear concept or idea from the beginning, to know which flooring we are going to use to surround the pool and to choose well the tiles that accompany it. Many people are interested in choosing tiles that have an aged style, which is why we suggest our Tech-Land series so that you can design a space to suit you through the Natucer style.
There are numerous possibilities of placement and various materials for floors in the environment of the pool. Two of them are stone and wood, although in our particular case we are going to suggest you to use our Tech-Land series with which to lay ceramic floors for outdoor use.

Tech Land is a product that offers multiple possibilities for swimming pool applications

Practical advice on the installation of your swimming pool:

There are numerous ways or bets in pool design, although we will choose to give you a few tips to help you in the orientation. The first of these is to design comfortable steps, as well as a platform on which you can sit, play with the children or lie down. If you like to go further and innovate, you can even install air injectors to make a small jacuzzi in a corner of the pool.

If you are lucky enough to have a small garden in your house, you can decorate your pool in all sorts of ways to achieve optimum water circulation. For the interior cladding, we can suggest various options to help you configure the look or design, although in this case we recommend the Squama series in its porcelain extrusion version.

The Squama series

The access to the swimming pool is important, the most usual thing is to place steel stairs. However, if you don’t think it’s aesthetically pleasing, you can opt for building staircases. The common thing is to create a staircase that allows you to descend little by little. Of course, the floor is an essential element where the athermal tile we offer allows you to enjoy an artificial piece that is non-slip. Keep in mind that if you choose to use wood at some point you have to be a little more careful because its maintenance is constant. Finally, if you want to cover the pool once the summer is over, you will get more out of its maintenance despite investing a little more money.

It is important to note that all of these tips are partly due to ensure your comfort and safety. Among others, this includes aspects such as knowing how to design the space in which we will work, always thinking that it is accessible so that we can be barefoot and not slip.. For the same reason, a pool floor has to be characterised by its non-slip property. In fact, it is also recommended that it be easy to clean and maintain, choosing a product that is resistant to chemicals, rainwater, humidity and UV rays from the sun.

Example of a garden using Tech Land

Other practical tips for your pool:

However, if you want to install grass, thus giving a more beautiful touch to your pool, the most important thing is that it can admit a combination with the rest of materials used. It must be resistant to use and traffic, while at the same time it is necessary to remember that it requires regular maintenance and cleaning as well as the water in the pool itself. Of course, the lawn surrounding the pool must be well laid thanks to a support.

Artificial turf is a feasible alternative to avoid constant maintenance.

It is necessary to prepare the ground and, if you can, do not hesitate to build a small trench to introduce drainage pipes to avoid deterioration by accumulation of water. Keep in mind that you don’t need to go to natural grass, a good alternative is the artificial grass because it requires less care and allows you to always look flawless. All you have to do is make sure that the model is draining to avoid puddles, among others. At the same time, to make the stay more bearable, try to bet on a lawn that is soft and pleasant to the touch.

There are trends in pool design that will surely make you rethink many things. The first one says that straight lines are being imposed and that it is more and more common to find pools with rectangular shapes and without curves. What used to be considered a waveform is now less wave and you don’t need a great deal of depth to enjoy it. Thus, there are many bets on small pools that play with numerous colors and materials such as porcelain stoneware. In addition to chlorine, there are other options that work for the maintenance and treatment of water, such as salt water and ozone.

In the following video you will be able to see an approximation of how a swimming pool is constructed, although it is true that it lacks some essential elements in its design, such as the drainage system, among others:

Porcelain clay style for your pool (Tech-Land by Natucer):

The good thing about gres or clay is that it provides lasting solutions to the taste of all types of customers. This type of flooring is specially manufactured for the exterior, providing resistance and a great behaviour against water. In addition, our product is non-slip and of low porosity, being an extruded porcelain that allows to play with different sizes, tones and geometric figures. At the same time, this series can be extended to use steps, unevenness, stairs and a whole range of special pieces that can help in the installation of your swimming pool or garden area.

Tech Land (non-slip surfaces)

Our collection combines technique and aesthetics very well, making use of a chromatic range in which there are all kinds of natural tones and textures that bring safety and quality to the user. To give you an idea, you can be sure to step hard on wet and you won’t slip. At the same time, we offer special pieces that accompany the edges and that above all seek to be unalterable with the use of additives and others, always facilitating cleaning and having a stability at low and high temperatures.

With our new Tech-Land series we have tried to bet on the most handcrafted floor and wall tiles, trying to get closer to the terracotta style of the traditional wood-fired oven. Many people keep a nice memory about the imperishable natural mud floors, something that distinguishes each environment and allows to give a unique style. Now try to imagine that traditional style with ceramics of greater performance, extruded anti-freeze, anti-slip and able to withstand all types of traffic. Thus, we want you to be able to design your swimming pool through a suitable material for those demanding works that demand an assortment of special pieces and made to measure.

Tech Land Coat Fire (22,5 x 22,5)
Tech Land Land Crayon Sky Natural (22,5 x 22,5)
Tech Land Cross Fire (15,5 x 15,5) + Taco Versilia (4 x 4)

With Natucer Tech-Land series you’ll discover greater anti-slip and smoothness. In fact, it has a special finish that eliminates the roughness that characterizes the anti-slip product, thus obtaining a fine surface and soft to the touch that does not displease or children. This collection contributes significantly to creating a healthy space free of bacteria, as its surface has an antibacterial effect thanks to the active oxygen produced after the incidence of light. Thus, this active oxygen converts all kinds of organic matter into inert matter, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. All this can be seen in the ease of cleaning itself. This is not the end of the matter; it also helps to break down air pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Dirt can be easily removed from the ceramic material by dragging water. It is here that active oxygen breaks down dirt, reducing adhesion. It is very important to note that extruded porcelain must be placed next to a quality tile joint to ensure 100% protection. In fact, the covering, plinth, flooring and tile-to-tile joint complete total antibacterial protection to guarantee long-lasting hygiene on the entire ceramic surface.

Swimming pool grill
Curved step for swimming pool
Swimming pool edge
Swimming pool overflow (lateral perspective)
Swimming pool overflow

This product is focused on applications with high technical and mechanical demands, bearing in mind that its 14 mm thickness helps to place porcelain in all types of applications: residential areas, urban walks, terraces and patios, swimming pools, gardens, etc.. Its finish means that everyone can see an added value in the acquisition. Let us bear in mind that it also provides swimming pool solutions through special pieces available in all colours.

Tech Land Temple Fire (22,5 x 22,5)

The Tech-Land Fire offers golden shades with infinite nuances thanks to the heat of the fire. These requemados and natural textures make appreciate a manual work of the mud. It works very well for all types of decorative styles, whether rustic, contemporary or a mixture between the two. If your pool requires a special design, do not hesitate to bet on a fire or natural style. You will notice that the natural version bets for the style of cooked clay and of wide de-tonification, so that the tones taste like earth and are inspired in cozy spaces that offer a whole series of imperfect finishes based on irregular surfaces that help to recreate a handcrafted style.

In one model or another, you will find special formats to use, thus offering a range of sizes with different geometric figures. Take a look at our website to receive more information and download the catalog of this series in PDF, you will find some surprises such as the Basalt edition.

Tanto en un modelo como en otro, encontrarás formatos especiales a utilizar, ofreciendo así una amplitud de tamaños con diferentes figuras geométricas. Echa un vistazo a nuestra página web para recibir más información y descarga el catálogo de esta serie en PDF, encontrarás algunas sorpresas como la edición Basalt.

Basalt Edition of Tech Land

Natucer Philosophy:

In our company we bet for ceramics of special formats, having projects in decoration of high range, where the porcelain of design is our priority. If you like rustic ceramics for home, we also have all kinds of designs from new and old collections. At Natucer we always work with tailor-made projects, finding all kinds of technical solutions.

Cover of our Youtube channel.

At Natucer we always think about making designs that adjust as much as possible to the priorities and needs of the client. Our main objective is to make your space full of life and comfort, always betting on a service that has the best team behind so that your project becomes a reality.

Until the next publication!