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Natucer at Cevisama 2019

Natucer Contract
Natucer Contract

Natucer at Cevisama 2019


Natucer has celebrated its 30th anniversary at Cevisama presenting two very different stands: 

  • Natucer cerámica natural, located on level 3 (pavilion 4), it had coatings and pavements with numerous decorative elements. Based on the principles of natural colors, textures, reliefs and others, the exhibition has been characterized mainly by its contemporary perspective.
  • Natucer Contract, located on level 2 (pavilion 6), it offered numerous solutions for prescribers, architects and decorators. The main objective of this space was to encourage the use of ceramics in customized projects through a specific and technical product range.
The Contract space presented at Cevisama

This year Natucer has made an effort to present in its new collection all kinds of non-slip interior and exterior surfaces, pronounced volumes and a wide range of special pieces for any type of construction need. The idea of launch new collections at Cevisama has symbolized the culmination of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the company.

The Tech-Land collection, defined by offering a high resistance to wear and to the most demanding climates, respects the tendency of the clay, trying thus to create that surface image with natural color of baked clay and a wide destonification. Furthermore, it has been inspired by cozy spaces that present irregular surfaces and imperfect edges to reflect an artisanal style. Soft texture and antibacterial, its main feature is the class 3 R11 non-slip with a special finish and 14 mm of thickness. The series also has three possible colors: natural, reddish and anthracite black. At the same time, it is accompanied by decorations in 22 x 22 and hexagonal format.

Tech-Land Fire and its non-slip pavement’s commitment

The Rocks collection is mainly characterized by using stone as an essential element of architecture. It is a product that pays attention to its design and is perfect for outdoor due to its technical features and special pieces. Its finish is perfect and it is very convincing in order to be used in swimming pools and bathing areas.

The Rocks collection offers a wide variety of finishes

The Tech-Cool collection incorporates a traditional product like clay within a contemporary context in which white and black reflect a perfect contrast. This collection is characterized by presenting different shapes and formats with endless possibilities.

 The Tech-Cool collection enables exquisite contrasts

Piastrella Mix bet on a ceramic concept in which the past and the future come together to present a controlled imperfection in the finishes. The irregular edges and the volumetries on the surface create that artisan sensation in every single piece, thus adjusting to a totally contemporary chromatic range.

The Piastrella Mix collection convinces by its installation possibilities
This is how the Piastrella Mix looks on our exhibition mural

City Concret is inspired by the city’s atmosphere to present an elegant and soft chromatic range with a matte finish.

An amazing coating brought by City Concret

Mare Nostrum expands the collection with an extensive number of formats that opt ​​for a gloss finish and colors inspired by the Mediterranean sea.

The color fastness of Mare Nostrum always impresses

Atelier is very representative in terms of lighting tones and glossy and matt finishes. This white body tile represents a way to bet on the irregular textures and glazing brilliance. In fact, in contact with light you can see different angles and a rainbow effect that highlights its geometry, giving harmony to the simulated wear.

Atelier presents as original finishes as the Antique

Bisell, from Figures collection, is a format that is fashionable again in the tile market thanks to its beveled effect. The different colors and reliefs of this porcelain make it one of the most demanded designs.

 Bisell proposes a compact design that became fashionable again

Our visitors thought that one of the most attractive geometric shapes in our stands were the triangles. We have opted for the Figures series to propose new forms of interior design through 11 colors, 3 different formats and a comfort floor surface.

Rhombuses can be formed through the triangles in Figures
 Figures bets among others for bevelled and straight triangles

Patrons is perfect for the combination between lights and shadows. At the same time, it presents simplicity in its geometry, creating a space of absolute beauty that combines with numerous decorative possibilities.

Patrons works with different reliefs and geometric figures

Thanks to Escale, we can generate volume and shape to our spaces through a collection of ceramic pieces characterized by depth and dynamism.

The three-dimensional waving effect of Escale

Velvet is a collection that is constituted by presenting a dynamic and versatile space through a compositional combination. Its organic design through a relief on pure white makes it shine in all kinds of environments.

Different installation possibilities thanks to Velvet

We can not forget our customers preferences. In this new edition of Cevisama we have received all kinds of compliments about series such as Squama, which was released at Cersaie. This collection is characterized by its color, decorative designs and installations possibilities.

 Squama in our Contract stand

This tile fair has served to emphasize a decorative prototype that we had put in our Contract stand. Natucer always pays attention to public ideas and customers needs, so this project is going to be produced in the near future to delight those who wish to build their pool using our pavement and coating products.

“Pool” reconstruction project by Natucer
Our future project, “Pool”, bets on anti-slip surface and controlled destonification

After all, we would like to highlight a general assessment of this successful fair in terms of the versatility of our collections. We appreciate your assistance and we expect your visit at Cevisama 2020. So, we will be waiting for you with more collections and news. Remember that our company is always providing new solutions for prescribers, architects and decorators, among others. From Natucer we care about people’s welfare and, therefore, we would like to be part of your life by giving you new decoration ideas through our products.

Watch our promotional video in which we show you some details of our manufacturing process. This commemorative trailer represents the essence of the company during 30 years, always paying attention to any single detail of your products.

Of course, we would also like to show you how Cevisama was through our experience. Check our promotional video recorded in Valencia:

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