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360º Connect with IN&OUT floor

360º Connect with IN&OUT floor


This difficult times that we are living make us realize the importance of transform our houses in a comfortable and save home. This is the reason why the trends in choosing the flooring for our homes have changed enormously. Floors have to be more hygienic, they do not allow the bacteria and germs to live and proliferate. It is important that it is easy to clean them, as constantly cleaning have became an important habit in our day to day. They have to be more resistant, because the areas in our homes are becoming multinational, such as gyms, offices or playgrounds. More secure, it is important they are non-slip to prevent to fall down, and they have to be more Eco-friendly

We need a flooring that meets all the technical criteria to adapt to the new needs for every space, inside and outside our homes. In addition, they help to create a comfortable and natural spaces.


We obtain a wider line of sight when indoor and outdoor of the stay share the same design and style, although each space requires its own definite features, such as the proper special pieces in order to get a perfect finish. Therefore Natucer has developed a COMPLETE concept In&Out, where indoor and outdoor join aesthetically, keeping the safety.

Same design, different finish.

You just need to choose the style that fits better your taste and get a global aesthetical effect.

1.1 IN & OUT, Connection between interior and exterior

Spaces open to the outdoors. They are connected visually and physically with the insides in order to achieve a feeling of a “unique area”, larger and more versatile. Using the same flooring that enhance the visual amplitude is a key factor, without any changes in color or style. We can not forget that outdoors flooring has to meet a certain technical features for outdoors applications, such as anti-slip rating R11 or R12 and low porosity. Having a functional and visual IN&OUT continuation is complete if we have all the special pieces that helps us to achieve a perfect finish in one piece, such as the 120cm steps for indoor and the 120 steps anti-slip for outdoors.

The limits between the indoors and outdoors do not exist anymore. Environment and design fusions in this new concept, “In&Out”. In order to get the optimum from this union, we need to have a proper lighting. The light in this spaces has to be natural and flow freely giving us a higher feeling of openness. Areas with proper lighting are perceive bigger and more comfortable.

2. OUT Acabado especial TECH para exterior

Our special finish TECH gives easy solutions to urban areas and heavy traffic places. The best extruded porcelain tile with 14 mm thickness and an antislip rate R11. TECH floors are highly resistant against abrasion, as well as a strong bending resistance, with a special “easy
cleaning“ finish, but keeping the antislip features. Safe, clean and hygienic.

This TECH collection is perfect for pedestrian areas, squares in the city, promenades, but also in traffic areas with cars, entrance of houses, rural places, countryside farns, factories, warehouses and all kind of heavy duty areas.

3. IN Spacious and versatile inside spaces

Nowadays will be common for homes to be projected as more open-plan structures, where you can work, exercise, socialize with the family and relax. Whenever the spaces allow it, the “open concept” is the new concept that is looking for the spaces. Kitchens and living rooms are joined on one side, and living rooms and terraces on the other. Doors and even partitions are eliminated to achieve the maximum width. One way to enhance this width is to use large-format flooring that is also rectified, to minimize the joints between tiles. In this way, a lighter and more pleasant environment is achieved.