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The Metro style tile received its name because it was used in the first metro line in New York 
After more than a century, metro tile continues to be in trend in its original style or any of the recent re-styling.
In this TOP 10 SUBWAY TILE, we will see the different laying possibilities for this type of tile in different Natucer’s ambient, so you can find inspiration and the latest trends. 


The metallic finish such as gold and silver are a trend that gain importance during the last years in the interior design. 
Vertical random installation help to insert the metallic shades giving dynamism and originality. 
Perfect for public spaces that needs to break through the monotony and add extra glamour and sophistication. 
Muretto has 4 other colors that combine perfectly with the gold and silver finishes. 
The essence of the metro tile with a brick glossy finish in porcelain body. 

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Recovering the essence of the Victorian classic stylish, as well as the relieve and micro-crackle finish. 
The type of tiles and the sizes combination create a contemporary atmosphere with a traditional touch. 
Image has a large pastel color tones and small format. The geometry and volume creates unique compositions. 


Achieving an uneven and natural finish mixing old looking shades in a classical herringbone pattern installation mix with a relieve pattern and antique glaze finish. 
Atelier is a perfect example of a renewed rustic look. A wall tile with glossy finish, soft relieve and irregular edges that brings the essence of the handmade tile. 


Our kitchen’s backsplash is where ceramics brings great value such as hygienic, resistance and aesthetics. 
Bella collection has a pillow effect that it will make your kitchen a unique and original space. 
The pastel color selection with its micro-crackle finish offers your a unique look. 


Deep green tonalities is one of the trendy colors for interior design. 
Metro tile that brings us to a natural environment with a modern straight installation. 
Zellige collection has a modern color selection with a shinny finish that enhance the handmade tile effect.


A wall application that invite you to touch it. 3D wall tile is one of the latest trends in covering. 
Convex Mix has a color shade variation that mixes with its 3D effect creating an effect that plays with the lights and shadows. Glazed in all sides.
A wall that it will be a stunning and unique. 


Pastel colors are the best to achieve a quiet and soft room ambience. 
Chic is a collection that achieve a handmade look with matt and pearl finishes. It has a color pallet with uneven texture mix with geometrical textures. 
All together achieve a classical metro tile look, installed in modern and dynamic diagonal pattern. 


Piastrella Mix is a metro tile with a shaded color variation. Perfect combination to decorate and create a unique wall. 
Its uneven surface is highlighted by the shinny finish achieving an eye-catching handmade look. 
The colors pallet on Piastrella Mix adjust to any style… From deep tonalities to more soft and pastel colors. 


Black and white is a timeless trend in any interior design style. 
Evoke collection unify a matt finish with brick size. You can create a contemporary look with this vertical installation. 
Minimal style with all the essence of the clay and terracota.  


Dark tonalities in the kitchen are in trend during the last years. Combining a black color with a wood texture is a winning mix, as it brings the warmth of the natural material with an actual and modern look. 
Nordik is a wood porcelain tile in a small plank size, perfect for any wall or floor application.