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Pepe Leal Interview

Pepe Leal Interview

We are pleased to have the opportunity to talk with one of the most prestigious interior designers from Spain. Pepe Leal is graduated in History of Arts, moved to London where he worked with the fashion industry and learnt Interior Design. Later he moved to Barcelona to start its interior design career, having great success in Casa Decor 98′ with recognition in its field and started his team. Amount all his awards, we should mention. We should also mentioned his participation as judge in the program “Masters de la Reforma”, the new talent show that helps designers to develop professional values.


In this occasion, we will like to introduce his latest project, ‘Il Palco’ restaurant, located in La Dehesa de Campoamor, Alicante, Spain.

1. How would you define yourself as a decorator? Which are your priorities?

I believe that I am unusual decorator, haha. In my projects, I have more consideration to my clients ideas rather than mine. I meant that I am not a decorator that imposes its own style, I try to adapt my clients’ style to the project. My main priority is the light and space proportion. In an area where the light and proportion has been studied and well planned, you do not need a lot of decoration in order to create a harm area.

2. What would you highlight from “Il Palco” project?

In my opinion the main feature of the project is the different textures uses in the wall covering, stripes, lattice work, poured concrete, etc. It is a space very bright, transparent and open to the environment with a fresh touch. I like that it is not like a conventional Italian restaurant, specially that it is well connected with the outdoor area.

3. Which factor did you have in consideration when you choose the materials in every project?

Everything is coordinated. Once I have seen the space, I start with a overall design idea. The design, it does not matter if it is a house, restaurant or hotel, has its background in the building, place, use or in the clients’ personality and lifestyle. Starting from this concept, I choose the materials following this ideas, always having in consideration how they interfere between them, sometimes, making contrasts, other integrating together.

4. Where do you like to use ceramics in a house?

It depends on the type of ceramics. Usually, I use it in wall applications, very few cases I use it as a flooring. Lately, I have been using a lot in different kind of applications, such as furniture, inside closets, table tops, benches, etc.

5. What added value bring you Natucer 3D wall application in this project?

I love the vintage and retro look on the material. These shapes and textures were used a lot in the 60s, this building reminded me that period. The volumetric stripes creates more textures in the walls, creating amazing effects.

6. Which is your vision of the future of ceramic in the interior design?

Nowadays, we live in an uncertain times, but we can not stop. We have to continue creating different things, new, develop and see a lot of new ideas. If we continue in this path, innovating, we will not have any problem. I believe Spain is a country where we design and produce amazing ceramics with unbeatable quality, we might need a little more marketing around the globe. It is one of the main competitive sectors worldwide, so I see a great future.

7. How do you think it will be the interior design concept in the era post-Covid?

I hope it does not affect too much in the design point of view, more in the space usage. I believe that we are realizing the importance of an interior space, our homes: well balance, beautiful and harmonious… Our surroundings have great impact in our mood.

8. What are you looking for in a tile?

That brings me emotion.

9. What’s your opinion about all the advantages of the ceramic tiles in terms of it is an unalterable material, fireproof, no toxic, resistance to bacteria, fungus, mold?

It has everything! hehehe

10. What do you think about Natucer product selection?

I think it is incredible the amount of variety available. I value a lot your continuous commitment in renew, refresh, always looking for a new finish, size or volume. It is because you are focus on the details that makes the product special and excellent, specially for me is the unique and original sizes that made me fall in love with Natucer. I love the series with 3d effects.

Thank you Pepe! It is been a pleasure to talk with you, you always learn something from the masters. From our side, we will continue researching so we can provide you unique materials with detail, personal touch and specially that thrills you.