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The “infinity pools” are able to transform the space and join the water and the horizon making spaces more peaceful and invites us to relax and rest. They bring a sophisticate and more actual look. The water in these pools falls from one or more of the pools sides. In order to solve the slope we used the collection Pool Porc. in 10x10cm (4″x4″), and its variety of special pieces making possible to finish all the corners with a perfect finish. The color turquoise blue helps to merge with the sky.


During this lock-down time we appreciated every single meter of our home. A small terrace is not anymore an obstacle to enjoy of a pool. It is just a matter of well planning with the surrounding space. A perfect example are some of our project done with the design that integrates in the design of every home.

For this type of project is very important to choose the right materials and special piece that allow us to solve any structural or construction problem. In this particular case, we used the angular step for the pool access stairs and “vierteaguas piece”. A perfect special pieces that adapt to this kind of pool structure. The final outcome is a minipool fully integrated with the rest of the flooring. A great place to enjoy and relax.

In order to design XS pools we have to keep in mind the security. Although it is a small space we always have to use non-slip flooring to prevent accidents. For the design of this pool we used a 120cm (48″) angular step in Antislip R11 finish, in the step and surroundings. These large size pieces are a great option to make this pool bigger. We reduce the number of joints and create a endless feeling, helped by the mirror installed by the end of the pool. It is an option to gain more space without having it.

The main goal of this minipools is not to swim, we are looking for pools deep enough to stand, children to play without worry or just a space to sit down, relax and refresh. For that reason, we have to have in mind the inside of the pool. We are looking into design, functionality, durability and security. For this pool we used the Pool collection in porcelain, a shade controlled variation and resistant that have a great number of special pieces and trims to finish all the edges such as benches, stairs, solarium, etc. We can enjoy the quietness of this little wellness space.


The swimming pool design has no limits, only the imagination of the designer will put the limits. Any depth, shape or space will be possible, we can build our dreamed pool. These are some ideas and real examples of pools full of creation and design, where special pieces and finishes played the most important role.

We know how trendy is the continuity of the terrace to the pool, but in this case is the interior itself of the pool which is extended to the exterior arriving to the pool-beach the same colours, giving strength to the Turchese finest colour, graciously destonified, in size 10×10 (4″x4″). (Serie Pool Porc.)


Waterfall installation in a pool is a element that out-stand in the common pool design. Pool’s waterfall have also benefits for the health that it becomes not only a esthetic. Its sounds invite you to relaxation, helps to relieve stress and improve the sleep. Waterfall helps the muscles to relax.