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Cutting-Edge Three-Dimensional Ceramics

Cutting-Edge Three-Dimensional Ceramics

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3D surfaces are back in fashion but in a more modern and refined version. Coatings no longer respond to functional and technical needs only, but become a mean of expression. Now, walls are seen, touched, and felt.

At Natucer, we maximize the use of ceramic extrusion techniques to create striking and unique coating collections. We combine cutting-edge design, geometry, and volumes pushed to the limit with the resistance, durability, and low maintenance of porcelain.

Aesthetics and quality at the service of interior design.

Curved shapes, grooves, linear aesthetics, and pure ceramic effects play a crucial role in creating spaces that seek to evoke emotions.

CUORE, by Natucer encompasses all the latest three-dimensional collections with as much variety as styles exist in the world of interior design and decoration. From powerful volumes and surprising metallic finishes, to subtle reliefs in soft and silky colors.

Walls become an original mean of communication.


Gone are the days of completely smooth and white walls. Tactile and three-dimensional textures are on the rise in the world of interior design. That’s why Natucer is constantly seeking new forms of expression that are both original and functional.

CUORE’s 3D ceramic coatings are an architectural solution that turns walls into decorative pieces themselves. More sophisticated and artistic, both indoors and outdoors, in addition to providing thermal and acoustic protection and insulation.



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Organic and sinuous shapes become a kind of “revolution” in interior design. Corners are replaced by elegant curves, furniture transforms in search of softer forms and rounded edges.

Natucer’s ceramics also adapt to this recent trend. 

The dimensions and design of CUORE’s 3D ceramics allow for placement on curved surfaces without losing their original beauty or their relief and volume effect.



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Architectural trends for 2024 speak of sustainability, the use of curves, and surfaces with personality.

Three-dimensional ceramics make a difference in the boldest and most avant-garde hotel projects.
Its versatility, durability, originality, and unique aesthetics make it the choice of interior decorators and architects. Its low-porosity surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean, maintaining its impeccable appearance for many years.
CUORE’s three-dimensional extruded ceramics are so versatile that they can be used on any surface, such as straight or curved restaurant bars or hotel receptions.

Elegant lights,
shadows and glows

The lights and shadows caused by Cuore’s three-dimensional ceramics are part of the aesthetics and decoration of each project.

The different ceramic effects, such as metallics, exaggerated shines, or matte finishes, stimulate creativity when designing any public or residential space.

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