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Porcelain pieces antibacteria and non-slip for pool.

The safest option in the new era Post-Covid

A pool at home is a space to disconnect that foments family relationships. It is a private refuge free from crowds. It is the best place to face the hot summers and to add value to your home. When we decide to install a pool in our garden or terrace, or remodel our existing one, we have to consider a number a few factors such as the security and hygienic have to be present without losing focus to the design. Floors and special pieces have to be non-slip, abrasion resistance, frost proved, antibacterial and durable.

Naturpool offers integral solutions for swimming-pools. 2 concepts differentiated indoor and outdoor (IN & OUT). 100% safe and custom pools becoming an aesthetic extension of the terrace, creating completely homogeneous and integrated outdoor areas.

Pools with extruded porcelain pieces

Now a days, we are increasing precautions in our surrounding due to worries of contagious and the virus expansion. There is no doubt that the extruded porcelain is the safest option to use inside and around our pools due to its technical features.

Non-slip surface: Natucer’s extruded porcelain finish offers a R11 non-slip (pass DCOV) with smooth finish. It is the value required in barefoot in pools and terraces near the water.
Antibacterial: Extruded porcelain low porosity prevents that bacteria and other microorganisms to adhere to the surface.
Resistance: Extruded porcelain has a low water absorption that gives the tiles physical properties to resist frost and other thermal shocks.
Easy to clean and maintain: The smooth finish on the outdoors extruded porcelain makes the material stain resistance and easy to clean.

Special pieces: The production process of the extruded porcelain tiles allows to design and produce special pieces for pools in 3 dimensions in one piece. Edges, steps, overflowing pieces, angles, etc are a complete constructive solution. It is a aesthetic and hygienic solution that helps to create perfect rounded finishes easy to clean and safe.

Pools non-slip with 120cm (48″) Step

For the pools with traditional system or Skimmer we introduce the 120cm (48”) angular step (90º) in one piece as a solution of the surroundings. It is the perfect piece for wet areas that needs a high level of non-slip rating (R11 / DIN 51097: CLASE C / DCOV). Always thinking and producing to guarantee the maximum security around the pool and on the steps to access it. The extrusion production system provides to the steps to a high mechanical impact resistance, abrasion and freeze proof. In addition, its large size helps to the installation and brings a minimal look to the pool with clean and modern lines.