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360ª Connect Wall


Natucer has taken a 360º turn during last year in order to grow together with new ceramic reality, in order to connect better with you. Developing new products, new concepts, new sizes and new finishes to solve a greater number of projects coming from greater and different scopes.

We evolve without forgetting our origins, combining the artisanal essence ceramic with the latest trends and technology. A combination balancing tradition, innovation and passion. 

A product extracted from the past, but which tells us stories of the present.


Natucer creates wall tiles where exclusivity and creativity are the main features. Offering solutions to the most creative demands from architects, decorators or interior designers without limits regarding colours, shapes, textures, geometries and volumes. Innovative ceramic concepts integrating quality, functionality and design, following the changing trends from current market.


Our environment surrounds us with its chromatic variety. NATUCER, through the use of different glazings, converts it’s pieces into a wide range of trendy colours with ceramic essence.


The visual effects and even the touch effects turn lineality into movement. NATUCER bets for a ceramic concept based on the balance between past and future, through the research of a controlled imperfection on the finishes and edges, providing an artisanal feeling thanks to this irregularity.


Human perception is influenced by shapes and outlines we find around us. NATUCER, following to pursue all the ceramic possibilities, develops new avant-grade shapes inspired both in geometry as in the organic shapes.


NATUCER is focus on metallic effects that enhance contrast between light and shadows. Every single finish, either, matt, satin or glossy achieves a unique and exclusive personality to every piece being able to adapt into every design concept.

Muretto Bianco · Tostato · Grigio · Nocciola · Oro · Argento
Muretto Bianco · Tostato · Grigio · Nocciola · Oro · Argento