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We present our STEP120 collection, large steps of great aesthetic beauty and high technical performance. A constructive solution that fits on the needs of today’s market, avoiding cuts and joints.

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Stairs are not any longer just a structural element, but evolved into the main character on the stay where they are located. The thorough designs for the VERSA·TILE steps combine with any base, obtaining an “Ace” for indoors with a lot of personality.

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STEP 120 is the ultímate solution for the new big size trend, allowing us to create a minimal and modern effect, the best in outdoor and indoor stairs.

Steps 120 are combined as always with skirtings, frontal pieces, and border finish, to finish the stair in the most complete and elegant way.

logo Versa · Tiles
Tipo de peldaño

Reasons to cover the stairs with Versa - Tiles

  • Versa·Tile 120 steps match any style.
  • Their possibilities multiply with architects and interior decorators.
  • Combination with other materials (wood, concret, stone...) allow to create unique stairs with a lot of personality.
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Tipo de piscina

Reasons to use Natucer 120 steps

  • High resistance and the best effect after years of use: The extruded production system offers the highest mechanic resistance, impact, frost resist,.. the best floors for high traffic and public areas.
  • Antislip steps, Safe floors and stairs, even outside, as well as around pool areas.
  • Being easy to install, since it is a full piece.