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Residenza del Parque

Últimos proyectos

Located in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, we find the apartments Residenza del Parque, spaces in which to enjoy a unique experience where comfort, exclusivity and nature coexist in their highest expression, thanks to its magnificent location become the ideal place to live.

In the hall of the apartments, we discovered the porcelain stoneware Palazzo Nero by Natucer in Hex format. 36x41,5 cm next to the Ducale decoration in the format 22,5x22,5 cm that also belongs to the Natucer Palazzo collection. These tiles take us on a journey through time through the pure essence of Venetian terrazzo, used for centuries in Italian architecture. Both designs combine their natural and luminous finish with the properties of resistance, hardness and compactness. At the same time maintaining its refined charm with the passage of time.

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