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Private Home

Últimos proyectos

The architecture studio Grupo Picad together with the company Vipecons, located in the province of Castellón, have been in charge of rehabilitating the terrace area, creating a new swimming pool and bathroom in this private home. The materials for the restoration of the terrace and creation of the swimming pool and bathroom have been supplied by Natucer.

For the terrace area, the extruded porcelain wood belonging to the Tech Rail Aspen series has been chosen with a format of 21x60 cm. The exterior of the pool has been finished off with the angular step and gutter available in this collection. This non-slip porcelain wood is a good choice when it comes to terraces because it is most effective in outdoor spaces with high technical demands.

Tech Land Basalt 22.5x30 cm format porcelain has been used for the pool glass, adding a more urban and versatile touch to the room. The pool consists of an interior staircase, made with the curved step of the Tech Land Basalt collection and an interior bench that occupies the entire front wall, which shows two cascading inserts that produce a natural environment in which to sit and relax. The wall has been created with the 11x22.5 cm format of the Tech Land Basalt series, while the bench is composed of the curved step and the ceramic tile of the Tech Land Basalt collection in the 11x22.5 cm format. This tile reveals a special finish as the characteristic roughness of the non-slip product has been eliminated, obtaining a fine surface that is soft to the touch. In addition, these tiles have an antibacterial effect, thanks to the Active Oxygen produced after the incidence of light, which causes all the organic matter that falls on the surface to become inert matter that will be easily washed away by water.  

Finally, the Tempo collection has been used to cover the bathroom, using the tiles Tempo Atlantic 7x45 cm, Tempo Rice 22.5x45 cm and the decoration Tempo Lines Atlantic 10x10 cm. This series is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle, as these pieces bring a bit of past and history to our present, creating warm and pleasant spaces.

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