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La Perla Bakery

Últimos proyectos

The artisanal bakery La Perla opens its door to the public in Vila-real in 11, La Murà Avenue, where formerly Burger King was located.

The establishment has been designed by Ocre Estudi Grafic studio located in km 61.4 Viver road-Burriana Port. The design company has been in charge of the delivery of the pieces supplied by Natucer and the assembly has been performed by the building company Reinsu S.L. located in 8, Cantabria street, Onda.

To cover the floor tiles they opted for Boston South pieces with format 22.5x45 and Melrose 22.5x22.5, the latter one for the counter in which a baseboard with the same pieces has been laid. The rest of the counter has been covered with the 11x22.5 piece.

The walls have been covered with Boston Brick South pieces and the special piece Corner Brick to cover the edges; also the tangled-up Boston Brick Downtown has been used in the walls in format 25x50.

On the male bath rooms the pieces Nordik Fiord 7x36 and 4x36 have been laid. On the female bath rooms, the Stow Bianco 20x60, 20x20, 10x10 and Stow Bianco 10x10 Decor have been the protagonists.

Sources: Ocrestudi.es and Facebook/Reinsu


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