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La Ribereta Rural House

Últimos proyectos

La Ribereta is a cottage located in the North of Segarra shire, neighbouring the Solsonés shire, which was built in the XIX century and renovated in 2015. The property, a totally independent one, is found in the middle of a breathtaking natural landscape, typical from the interior shires in Catalonia. Surrounded by pines, oak trees, holm oak trees, vineyards and other crops; it is an ideal place to enjoy the calm and peacefulness and stop to sense all the colours and smells of the nature.

In this remodeling, Natucer has been in charge of providing a suitable flooring for each room of the rural house: terraces and swimming-pools, bath rooms and interiors.

  • In particular for the swimming-pools and terraces, the Rioja series has been used as it is an antislip and resistant material, it is the most suitable both for outdoor ambients and swimming-pools.
  • Inside the hotel, the Boston series has been chosen as it offers a rustic and natural look due to its texture and destonification feature. Furthermore, it also offers a wide selection of formats due to its modularity.
  • Finally, in the bath-rooms, the Caprice floor tile has been laid. It depicts a combination of octagonal pieces and square blocks in black and white which seem to be a classic and romantic space.

The final result is a building in which exists a certain balance, but also a contrast between the typical robust Catalonian cottage and a modern building with a vast access to the outdoor spaces and a great amount of natural light. The company responsible for distributing the material has been Ferrolan.

LARIBERETA.COM - A new beginning for La Ribereta.

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