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Cala Rossita Restaurant

Últimos proyectos

The interior design project of Barcelona's restaurant Cala Rossita, a rice cooker's shop situated in the renovated Diagonal Mar shopping centre, has been carried out by the Carlos Martínez Interiors studio, which has created an innovative concept with a Mediterranean air, evoking the elegance and distinction of the great classic sailing ships. The company in charge of supplying the ceramic material for the project was Neo cerámica

The restaurant has a terrace and two large rooms as an interior dining room, as well as a kitchen open to the public. The walls of the kitchen have been decorated with the Riad collection, a ceramic coating with a flake effect in white. For the front of the bar and the floor of the central room, flake-shaped porcelain stoneware from the Caprice series has been used. The paving chosen for the rest of the restaurant room and that serves as a link between the rooms is the Retro Cendra collection in the 21x60 format, completing a very warm and welcoming scene that recalls the deck of an old ship.

The walls take on importance with lighting that enhances the Squama Olive series and Stow 10x10, creating a game of water that simulates the waves of the Mediterranean. The goal is to sit and feel that we are inside a sailboat watching the sunset. A whole marine scenario, timeless and modern. 

Photography by Eugeni Pons

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