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The Tuna House Restaurant

Últimos proyectos

The Tuna House is a restaurant where you can enjoy the Japanese cuisine, with a very appetizing and varied menu, being specialists in snoring tuna live. The design of the space has been carried out by the interior design studio Top Design Madrid, which has given a vintage point of view, traditional and comfortable to the whole place. The interior design studio has relied on the Caprice and New Panal collections by Natucer for the design of this Madrid restaurant.

The New Panal series and its iconic diamonds in 15x8.5 format have been chosen for the restaurant's façade. The refined aesthetics, the volume and the compositional visual game generated with these pieces, give the establishment a marked and original personality.

The interior of the restaurant presents a segmented structure, in two perfectly differentiated rooms. The octagonal variety of Caprice porcelain stoneware has been chosen as the main floor for the room that we find as soon as we enter the premises, providing a classic and minimalist aspect to the space. This room is designed as a take-away zone and daily meals. While the room in which the snoring of tuna is done live, presents a more sophisticated aesthetics, by combining the warmth of wood with the classic and elegant aesthetics of the Caprice series.

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