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Novelties Cersaie 2019

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Natucer celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. 30 years of history marked by a deep passion for ceramics. 30 years in which Natucer has evolved, reconciling traditional ceramics with the application of new technological processes. Developing a differentiated and quality product based on design, the study of form and a special sensitivity for details.

The proposals for the Cersaie 2019 fair include the introduction of a new, larger 20x120 format that gives the space a new dimension. Accompanied by a high level of detail in the pieces of natural atmosphere, recreating beautiful woods and stones.
And as could not be otherwise, a nod to the more traditional ceramics, with the introduction of micro craquele effects or gloss finishes accentuating the irregularities of the pieces. To finish the brand's commitment to meet the construction needs of interior swimming pools, bathing areas, benches, steps, etc.. 

You can download our Cersaie 2019 novelties dossier

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