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Posets is a collection that draws its style from the perfect mimicry between stone and concrete, inspired by the purest warm minimalism (TOP TREND 2024). It’s a style where simplicity takes precedence, inspired by nature with a refined urban and industrial touch.
Each piece contains the nuances of the material, with graphics of varying intensities and details, as well as imperfections that contribute authenticity and genuine charm to every space, both indoors and outdoors.  

Posets presents a palette of neutral and soft colors in line with the collection’s essence, along with various formats featuring different finishes to adapt to the needs of each project: natural finish and Class III-R11 non-slip finish.

In essence, Posets is an elegant, versatile, and authentic In-Out collection. It is based on the nobility of stone, the intensity and contemporary feel of concrete, and the durability of porcelain.

24″x48″ in & outdoor

Posets features large-format pieces in rectified porcelain stoneware (24″x48″), available in natural finish or Class III-R11 non-slip finish. These maximize the sense of continuity, providing spaciousness to every space, whether inside or outside the home. A perfect product for both flooring and wall covering.

View the complete 24″x48″ series here.

New Extruded
for Outdoor


The Posets collection introduces a new larger, more resistant, and more versatile Extruded Porcelain format.

A piece of 14”x28” cm with an Antislip finish (Class III-R11), perfect for use in outdoor contexts exposed to atmospheric elements.

This size complements seamlessly with other formats in the collection (14”x28”, 14”x14”, 7“x14”), multiplying design freedom and composition possibilities. 



The variety of pieces in different sizes adds value to create truly original combinations. The various formats of the Posets Antislip series are combinable, offering a wide range of placement possibilities. It’s in this combination of formats that one can appreciate the variety and natural toning of each piece, creating a visually rich ensemble. 
Here, you’ll find some simple yet beautifully modulated ideas. A limitless game of shapes and patterns to create unique, highly creative, and fully customized environments.

Explore more placement ideas here.

Design Your POOL
with Upcoming Trends

Natural textures are also trending in pool environments. Subtle and minimalist looks are in, with a touch of tradition and stone materials capable of recreating atmospheres of all styles.

It’s crucial that the pavement used for the poolside, as well as its crown, seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. That’s why the Posets collection includes special pieces designed for a perfect finish.

The 120 steps are an ideal choice for crowning skimmer pools. These extrusion-manufactured pieces ensure safety and durability while presenting impeccable aesthetics.

View 48″ STEPS here.

Recognizing the importance of safety in wet areas, all special pieces in the Posets series have a high degree of slip resistance.

Another solution for skimmer pools is the pool edge, a unique and robust piece that prevents water from spilling out, thanks to its design.


Dialogue Between Interior and Exterior

The best way to eliminate barriers between the interior and exterior of a home is by using the same flooring in both spaces. However, each of these spaces obviously requires different characteristics.

The Posets series has the necessary formats and finishes to make this possible.

A large and elegant format in rectified porcelain stoneware with a natural and smooth finish for the interior, and three more formats in extruded porcelain with a high degree of slip resistance for the exterior. Different technical characteristics but identical aesthetics for perfect continuity.

View IN&OUT FLOORS here.

Decoration as

Expression of Contemporary Architecture

The Posets collection is enriched with a decor piece of rigorously architectural and linear style. A small-format decoration (7”x7”) that recalls the rhythm of urban life. Available in the three colors of the collection: white, beige, and gray.