Novelties Cersaie 2019 – New trends in ceramics and design (Natucer)

Novelties Cersaie 2019 – New trends in ceramics and design (Natucer)

NATUCER celebrates its 30th anniversary. 30 years of history featured by a passion for ceramic. 30 years in which Natucer has evolved, combining traditional ceramic with the application of new technological processes. Developing a quality and differentiated product based on design, the study of shapes, and a special feeling for details.

Novedades presentadas por Natucer en la feria de Cersaie 2019 y evolución del producto.

Diseño del stand de Natucer en Cersaie 2019

Here we upload a series of pictures taken in our stand, a little preview for you to have a look on what you will see on our last video, the official tour of our booth at the Cersaie 2019 fair.

Our booth at Cersaie 2019 – Bisell, Bella, Escale, Tempo, City Concret and other collections.
Park series at Cersaie 2019
Piastrella MIX at Cersaie 2019
A picture taken in our booth – “Pool “series for swimming pools (left) and the new collection Zellige (right)
New collection: Convex Mix by Natucer
Bisell by Natucer: a precious product for wall tile
More products of Natucer in small sizes

Here we present all the novelties of Natucer at Cersaie 2019. As you can see, this year the fair has been characterized by introducing a series of collections to cover all your needs. For floor tiling we present 2 collections with special pieces, including outdoor areas, in extruded porcelain. We also have pressed pieces in rectified (large sizes). In coating we innovate again in pieces with reliefs, three-dimensional shapes and unique effects on the enamels.

A bigger size for a greater space. Skylines with no limits, offering new unlimited projects. 20×120 Natural or Antislip finish, extending the indoor look to exterior applications.

As you can see in this video, Domenico Fabbrocini tells us about the singularities of this product through its 4 colors.

The TECH PARK series provides maximum efficiency in urban, residential and outdoor areas with high transit and high technical requirements.

Perfect finish:

TECH PARK offers a whole range of special pieces for swimming-pools, ensuring those areas with high humidity or pronounced slopes.

14 mm of thickness for a durable wood finish
You can use a 21×60 cm rectified version for outdoors

The official video of the “Park” collection combines images of its catalogue plus real pictures taken from the same product in both versions. Through this video spot we want to reflect the concept between the tile manufacturing process and our nature, through the existing similarities when it comes about the exposure of wood to the environment.

The 80×80 cm format not only fills your space with elegance, also allows you to take full advantage of it without thinking a lot about its installation.

The essence of stone in big size 80×80 cm. TUCSON offers 4 neutral colours: white, grey, natural and iron, with a very detailed design, and 2 different finishes: natural and anti-slip.

TECH TUCSON combines the strengh and beauty of stone in order to offer outdoor solutions. A unique product, with big size and distinctive color harmony. Pieces with irregular edge and great definition.

Class 3 (R11), antibacterial and resistant – 11,8”x35,4”

Bella is characterized by a softness and elegance touch, a modern design for wall tiling. This picture shows its white body version

This product can be found in the following sizes: 7,5×15 cm / 3”x6” 7,5×30 cm / 3”x12” Hexagonal 18×20,5 cm / 7”x8”

BELLA series bets for a new ceramic concept combining flat and pillow shaped pieces. The micro-craquel effect provides added value to the line, creating a nice handmade feeling in every single piece. This collection is available in white body and extruded porcelain.

7,5×30 · 3”x12” Hex. 18×20,5 · 7”x8” – This picture shows its extruded porcelain version

In sizes 5×25 cm / 2”x10”, CONVEX MIX reinforces Convex series with a new range of colors, more contemporary and with a fine shade variety. The highlighted blending combined with the volume effect of each piece creates outstanding visual effects.

FORMATO: 5×25 cm / 2”x10”
Convex Mix is ​​one of the series that brings more colors, achieving an amazing result thanks to its destonification and three-dimensional finish

The brightness of the Zellige series is emphasized through the irregularity of its surface

ZELLIGE series features by its modern shape and its soft, elegant chromatic range. The glossy finish highlights the irregularities on every piece, providing a totally artisanal look.

There are numerous spaces where you can apply Zellige, thanks to the variety of colors it is easier to get the right choice

A bathroom wall tile with Pool series. White (Luz) and blue (Indigo)

At the last Coverings 2019 fair, we presented our new pool catalogue “Naturpool”. At Cersaie 2019 we wanted to take advantage of our evolution and development in wall tiling through our “pool” product to introduce another kind of concept. POOL series is a 10×10 porcelain tile with a glossy finish. Presenting a high level of blending in all the colours, this shade variety provides personality to each space. The collection is complemented with a range of special pieces perfect for the constructive requirements on swimming-pools, bath areas, benches, stairs, etc. It can also be purchased in 30,5×30,5 cm.

We present a variety of colors for wall tiling through “Pool” collection

Other series presented at previous fairs, such as Tech-Land, still have a great reception among attendees. In the following video Yosuke Kanda explains how this product is receiving a greater reception in Asian markets such as Japanese.

Finally, we begin a new season 2019/2020 with a new catalogue which is very intuitive. Discover all the advantages of making use of ceramics, our variety of formats and special pieces, as well as an extensive classification by product typologies in coating, flooring and others.

See you soon!

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