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Ceramic in the urban furniture of Castellón

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The City Council of Castellón claims the quality and versatility of the ceramic material for use in public works, in the hands of Natucer. On the occasion of this claim, ten new banks with a very unique aspect have been installed in the city in two different locations, encouraging the use of ceramics in urban furniture.

Thus, six banks of the Minimal model have been installed, composed of pieces in white, red, yellow, orange, purple and green, accompanied by a metallic structure in white. So that they match the striking colors of the emblematic Palau de la Festa next to the han is located.

The second location of the new furniture in the Plaza Teodoro Diaz in the vicinity of the Castalia stadium, where the Circle model has been chosen in a combination of white and black pieces and black metallic base, similar to the 'albinagra' flag of the football team from the city.


Ayuntamiento de Castellón

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